A good one feels soooo good!

Hi everyone,
Hey! Guess what I did yesterday! Guess. Guess! You’ll never guess. You gotta guess! Okay I’ll tell you!

I wrote a good poem! I’m pleased with it, especially because it’s the first of the planned collection I’ve mentioned. It runs four stanzas of free verse with four bridges connecting them. At 154 words it’s a little long, but it works. I told you you’d never guess so aren’t you glad I told you? Ha ha!


18 comments on “A good one feels soooo good!

  1. How our day’s work looks mighty fine
    Late at night when the moon doth shine
    Come morn, ‘what the heck! did I write this line??
    Can these lousy words be mine?
    We repent, rewrite, revise, refine.

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