Wishing you a nice day

Hi everyone,
David on rock 1
I was feeling sly yesterday, thinking I would pre-post something for today so I wouldn’t have to wake up and stare at this keyboard and wonder what on earth to talk about. I did a whole riff on being late taking down the holiday decorations, which I was finally getting around to, but it was trite so I deleted it and decided I work better under pressure. At 3:30 I tried a second time to amuse or inform or just walk along beside you for a while today. Thank you for joining me.

Lately we’ve talked about quite a few things and I’ve enjoyed them all. By nature, believe it or not, I treasure silence. I love people but don’t necessarily need to keep up a constant chatter. Sometimes, especially among good friends, it’s just nice to be close, share the moment, and not say anything.

Please join me, think your own thoughts while I think mine. Thanks.



10 comments on “Wishing you a nice day

  1. Too many talkative people agitate
    Those of us who contemplate.
    Whether we be young or olden,
    Silent sojourns are golden.

  2. Good morning, David. I raise my cup of tea up to you for an opportunity to just relax and enjoy the blessings of this day. I have a suggestion. In all your travels, I’m sure you’ve taken tons of photos, every thought about doing a Silent Sunday post. You could use one of your pictures that we can enjoy and use to inspire us. It could just allow us to enjoy nature or it could even stir our own creativity. Just a thought.

    • Good afternoon, Beverly. It is a tea day, isn’t it? I usually go with coffee but hot tea sounds inviting. I might try a cup after a while. Thank you for suggesting Silent Sunday posts. I like the idea and can see inviting others to share their own most serene pictures along the way. Let me give it some thought.

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