Dumpster diving into the files

BULLETIN: Hey look at me! I meant to show you earlier but forgot. 20170116_163124_resizedI can’t vouch for the rest of me, but my feet are awesome!

Hi everyone,

Each day my blog stats indicate which of the previous 2,245 posts are being visited in addition to the one I just put up. Generally folks from several countries stop by and look up something or merely browse for a while. Yesterday’s list of previous posts included my school dedication pictures and speech, adult W.O.M. poems, poems for two voices, information about me, talks and school visits, young poets W.O.M. poems, poetry tips, and an assortment of other subjects. The most popular among them was the dedication speech, which dates to August 26, 2009. Here’s a direct link if anyone else is interested.

I’m always reminded, when I too look back at the early days of this blog, how many things we tried. I interviewed more people then, had more contests, posted more ballots, wrote more writing tips. Now? Most mornings I pour the coffee, turn on the light, sit down, and let the day begin. You may not be getting your money’s worth anymore, if you ever did. But more then 2,700 say they follow me so for that I’m grateful and I apologize for those mornings when about all I have to offer is, “Hi everyone.”


6 comments on “Dumpster diving into the files

    • Good morning, dear Jeanne! Those socks are good advertising. I may start taking my shoes off at conferences! Thank you, as always, for joining me on this spec of space or wherever we are.

  1. I came to your blog only recently
    To learn and write some poetry.
    I met many others
    And having my druthers
    I return here quite regularly.

    Thank you and all of your friends for enriching my (almost) everyday!

  2. For not investing a dine in your blog in eight years, I have gotten more than my money’s worth. I have been honored in many ways by friendships and learned more about poetry. Thank you David for keeping so many of us going as you weave in and out.

    • Mary Nida, you were one of the original visitors to my blog and I thank you for sticking with me all these years. And thank you for assuring me that it has seemed worthwhile to you. Fondly, David

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