Might as well write something

Hi everyone,
Finally got a good night’s sleep and feel better today so fingers crossed I’m on my way out of this mucus coated thicket.

As we’ve discussed before, a freelance writer exists in a feast or famine world. It’s almost always a case of hurry up and wait. At times I can’t breathe under the pressure of meeting multiple deadlines at once but such periods are invariably followed by the badlands of thumb twiddling and frustration.

I’m in one of those periods at the moment. I have six books under contract and twelve out for review. That’s eighteen opportunities to hear something from someone at any time. To fill the doldrums when this happens, I usually do the only thing I can think of. I start work on a new project. I have three currently under development or completed that I haven’t sent out yet. I guess it’s time to start on a new one. I’ve had the idea since last fall and it’s outlined. No need to put it off any longer. Besides, as soon as I do, the phone will ring. That’s how it works.


6 comments on “Might as well write something

    • Thank you, dear Veda! I feel SO much better and am back out and about. By tomorrow I should be leaping tall buildings.

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