Hi everyone,
David at David Harrison Day
I bought hearing aides a few years ago to help me hear children’s voices in the back of the room at conferences and school visits. Except for those occasions I’ve kept the devices in a drawer.

Yesterday I went to my audiologist and had him adjust the volume more in sync with the current situation.


My sniff is so irritating! Who knew a man addressing a commode could be so melodious? Ice cubes crash into a glass like glaciers calving. I need to blow my nose but am terrified of what I will hear. I’m already fearing tonight’s exposure to TV commercials. They’ll blow the batteries out of these things.

So now I’ve done it. Bring on the kids. I’m ready. And the next time you’re in a meeting with me, be careful what you say. I can HEAR you!

4 comments on “Shhh!

    • It’s awful, Bryn. I read the paper yesterday and the rustle and crinkle of turning pages was quite disturbing. Who knew what I’d been missing!

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