A better day all around

Hi everyone,
David as bookends IMAG2753
I learned yesterday that an artist has been chosen and is already at work on one of my upcoming picture books. I placed the story last September so this is record time. Don’t know the pub date yet but all systems point toward an early release rather than a late one. I love it when that happens!

Another proposal is going to committee next week or the one following so I have my fingers crossed for that one too. It only includes three poems so if they take it I still need to write the manuscript.

I’m trying to decide whether to attend story time in the Burton Barr Library in Phoenix when I’m there. I let them know I was coming several months ago but the first librarian blew me off entirely. Another eventually took over and provided a time and date when I might come by to see my sidewalk when children will be there for story time. Now I can’t get her to respond to what typical age spread and number they usually draw. I’ll be four hours away in Bisbee the night before and don’t relish getting up early enough to make a 10:00 a.m. session if the kids are crawlers and babies in buggies. I’m leaning toward sleeping in and getting to the library later in the day to take a few pictures of the sidewalk.

I will be visiting Ken Slesarik’s school so that will be a highlight. And I’ll be greatly disappointed if I don’t get to see Patricia Hermes. I have other friends in the area and would love to see everyone but I won’t be there many days and will have the pleasure of being with Sandy, Robin, and Jeff.

Later in the day I heard from one of those long lost editors regarding the book with Mary Jo Fresch. I won’t have time to do much tweaking before I get away but it turns out we won’t have all that much to do anyway so I felt better about that.


2 comments on “A better day all around

  1. Busy-ness (for David H)

    Busy buzzing little bee
    Fluttering from bud to tree,
    Flitting through the well-packed hours,
    Sipping nectar from the flowers.

    How I wish I could begin
    Just one day by sleeping in.
    But no one here would think it funny
    If the world had no more honey.

    (Or my bank account lacked money.)

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • With thanks to Jane

      As long as those sweet-sipping flowers
      Open up at early hours,
      Extra sleep cannot be ours.

      Though others might not think it funny
      Imagining a bee with money,
      They like a taste of what we make, honey.


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