Taking care of stuff

Hi everyone,
Mostly meetings today and tomorrow. First one today is a SKYPE session with Mary Jo Fresch, my writing partner on a book for Scholastic. One set for tomorrow is a conference call between us and our editor. A couple of meetings are for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. I have a rattle in the back end of my car so tomorrow afternoon I have a date to take it in. Not a lot of time to write.

Sometimes, in spite of all the resistance I can muster, I just have to pause and take care of stuff. Good luck today.


6 comments on “Taking care of stuff

  1. Sometime the only time I can muster

    Is getting the car to the rattle adjuster.

    Sometimes I sleep the sleep of the dead,

    Wake to find wife mourning at my bed.

    Occasionally I write a fairly good line.

    Those are the days the uniVERSE is mine.

    Xxxjane Yolen

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Ha ha, Jane Y. Don’t I know it. I read a speech a few years back in which the presenter compared most writing efforts to attempting Bach on a ukulele but in spite of the odds an occasional good line does happen!

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