Word of the month for February

Hi everyone,

I just visited a house I lived in when I was eight years old. It needed paint, and so do I. I decided to call it even. I also decided that the February Word of the Month challenge word should be PAINT. Do with it as you will.

More when I can.



8 comments on “Word of the month for February

  1. Paint

    My face is painted with my years.
    The babies born, the joys,
    the fears.

    The stubbed toes, and the broken bones.
    The operations, and gall

    Rejections–yes–and quite a few.
    Acceptances. I’ve had
    them, too.

    And love, above the rest, I’ve known,
    though husband out of life
    has flown.

    The paint s cracked and worn and old.
    I wouldn’t change it for
    great gold.

    And when it’s time for me to go,
    I think the palette there
    will show

    The beauty is all painted on
    and will remain, when I
    am gone.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. The word “paint” just cracked me wide. Also was just returned from a trip to SC to play with my youngest grandteens. The twins are 14 (well, almost.) Made me consider future.

  3. Art
    Taryn Yates

    There are crayons and paints
    Colored pencils too
    There is clay and putty
    And different shapes too

    There is water color
    Drawing and chalk all around
    It’s on the easel and
    Upon the ground

    Look all around
    You’ll see it too
    Art is all around us
    Me and you too

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