The Case of the Shrinking Shoes

Hi everyone,

I have a pair of Merrell shoes that I wear almost every day. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. In Arizona I wore them every day except when I went walking in the desert.

Imagine my surprise yesterday, when I dug the Merrells out of my suitcase and slipped into them, to discover that my toes felt a bit cramped. I wore tennis shoes on the trip home and my feet aren’t accustomed to tight laces so I guessed that they must have become swollen on the trip home.

I gimped around the house all day, waiting for the swelling to go down so I could walk without so much discomfort. By bedtime I was growing slightly worried. I was relieved to take off my shoes. And suddenly my toes felt fine. With sudden insight I reached into the shoes and pulled out the rolled up socks I’d stuffed in them when I packed to leave Arizona.
If you have anything unkind to say about this, put a sock in it.



8 comments on “The Case of the Shrinking Shoes

    • My dear Jeanne, it seems to me that I misplaced my trust in these particular socks. Or it could be that they misplaced their trust in me. From their point of view, it must have been a miserable day too!

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