One more wave

Hi everyone,

In Ajo, Jeff and I looked in vain for the house I lived in when I started school. We decided that it has been torn down. In this picture of me waving to my mother on my first day of school, you can only see the houses across the street. We couldn’t find them either.1st-day-of-school-ajo-arizona We did find the second house I lived in though. Here I am waving in front of that house, both of us a bit worse for the wear since 1945.img_20170131_1631270911_resized


2 comments on “One more wave

  1. You must be feeling a bit melancholy, knowing the house has disappeared. I only lived in two houses while growing up. My father still lives in the one in which we spent most of our time, and our first house, in the town I started school, is also still being used, although the neighborhood has grown three times larger. And even though I spent only a few years there, I have an inordinate number of memories attached to it: starting first grade, learning to ride a tricycle, receiving first communion, ‘painting’ with water on our blacktop driveway in the summer. Unfortunately, two of the 3 schools I went to no longer exist (my second elementary school and my high school), and it feels a bit awkward and unsettling to know that time and progress are moving along with or without me!

    • Good morning, Matt. Yes, it does make me a little sad that part of my history is gone for good. Three of my old houses, including two in Springfield, are no longer there. One has been replaced by a fraternity house and one was bulldozed to make way for a housing development. The elementary school I attended in Springfield gave way long ago to the Junior League for its headquarters and the school in Ajo where I attended 1st, 2nd, and part of the 3rd grades has been turned into art studios and apartments. Can’t stop time or progress, but I don’t always approve of it.

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