Questions from children

Hi everyone,
Here’s a quick one on the fly. Charlesbridge has posted some Q/A between some school kids and me about NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T. Here’s the link if you’re interested. My thanks to Alaina Leary for putting this together.


7 comments on “Questions from children

  1. Thanks to you, Alaina! I’ll be sure to share this with the students at Timnath Elementary! And mostly, thanks to you, David, for being such a good sport and answering questions from the kids. They love you!

  2. I am impressed with the type of questions these students asked. Just from these questions, you must have had a lot of fun chatting with them.

    • And as you well know, when kids ask thoughtful questions, there is almost always a great teacher behind them. Susan Hutchens is a perfect example.

  3. You are too kind, dear David! But, thank you! I love sharing great poetry with great kids! So many kids don’t realize how much they really DO like poetry, until that special book is placed in front of them. Then…the magic happens!!!

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