I love beginnings

Hi everyone,

I agreed to start another project yesterday, this one with two other poets. As always, beginnings are exciting and filled with anticipation of challenges ahead. We hope to finish the submission draft by the end of May, which seems reasonable. My current manuscripts in process should be finished or at rest by the end of April so whatever work is left on this new one should be doable in a sprint during May.

For now I’m focusing on two other projects especially. Mary Jo Fresch and I are still waiting for teacher and student input for the book we’re doing for Scholastic. During the Children’s Literature Festival, several teachers took my card so I hope to hear from some of them soon. And I’m well into the revisions for my desert story. I started on Monday and have made good progress this week. If the pace continues, I should finish it before the end of April.


Lee and Chowning are coming

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I learned from Jaynie Chowning that the founders of the original Ozark Mountain Daredevils — Randle Chowning and Larry Lee, joined by David Wilson, are doing an acoustic show on May 6th at the Fox Theatre on the Springfield square. Tickets are available at Kaleidoscope or online at https://417tix.com/events/lee-chowning-wilson-concert.

I interviewed Randle and Larry a while back when they were inducted into Writers Hall of Fame. They’re not only gifted, famous song writers and musicians, but also good people. I hope they get the big turnout they deserve on May 6. I would suggest getting tickets right away. They will probably go quickly.

When trite accidently oozes out

Hi everyone,

Taxes are done! Making headway on revising a story. Thinking about the second poem for the planned new group. Got some rain we need. Our cherry tree is in gorgeous full bloom. Our poor old tree-that-won’t-finish-dying is still leaning stubbornly into the wind. Is this nice or what? (Kurt Vonnegut’s uncle used to say that and I love Vonnegut’s work.)

Today is a one meeting day so I’ll have maybe eleven hours to work. That should get me another fifteen or maybe twenty pages revised. Stand back, world. I have a full pot of coffee and I’m feeling my oats.

Oh lord. Did I really say, “feeling my oats?” That’s just SO yesterday. Jane, you’re going to take me to task. I can feel it! Sigh.


A Gentle Sun Coming is out

Hi everyone,

Our long time friend Maryann Wakefield has just had her novel published. A GENTLE SUN COMING, was briefly out in e-book two year ago but her publisher went out of business and left her (and other authors) hanging. Maryann’s agent, Jeanie Loiacono, found a new publisher so after a time out to get reorganized, the novel is out at last in print and e-book editions.

Keeping up with the times

Hi everyone,

Got my office cleaned so now I’m ready to start the process of messing it up again. Digging through the debris produced latest issues of “The Missouri Archaeologist,” “Literacy Today” (ILA journal), and “Language Arts” (NCTE journal) so I want to get to those this week. I don’t subscribe to many magazines but association journals help me follow trends in fields that interest me. For example, this issue of “Literacy Today,” features the results of a survey about current hottest topics in education, “Language Arts” includes an article about notable trade books for 2016, and “The Missouri Archaeologist” presents a brief history of steamboating on the Missouri River. I thinking about writing an article to submit to one of the state journals for an upcoming issue so that’s another reason to keep up. I’m curious about the journals or other materials you read to stay current with your interests? I think I’ve asked this before but it has been quite a while.

Sandy and I spent much of yesterday pulling taxes together. I think I can finish this afternoon. But this morning’s quiet hours are reserved for me. And away I go.