The March Word of the Month word is . . .

Hi everyone,

I scheduled today’s post some time ago. I may or may not be in a place today where I’ll have access to deleting the February poems but that won’t keep you from posting your March poems. I’ll clean up when I can.

And the word is: GARLIC.

I look forward to the creative ways you’ll find to entertain us with this historic word. Go!


31 comments on “The March Word of the Month word is . . .

  1. Garlic

    Not quite an onion, not quite a leek,
    easy to smell, though quite a reek.
    Not easier to poetize, ballad, or rhyme,
    But I’ll take garlic . .any time.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. Garlic, Scenter of the Universe

    Smell me once, I make a tickle,
    Smell me twice, you swoon.
    Smell me three times , does the trick. you’ll
    Slurp me up real soon.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  3. Garlic the Complete Food

    Tummy tightener,
    Mood heightener,
    Brain enlightener,
    Day brightener,
    Vampire frightener.
    All things to all eaters.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Garlic, SuperPlant

      I’ll make you braver,
      Keep you safer,
      Clean your system,
      Give you wisdom,
      Make you fighters,
      Scare off tigers.
      By the way,
      I’m good on steak.

      (c) David L. Harrison

      • My Money’s on Garlic

        I will bet my biggest steak
        That garlic is the best.
        A player needs to know the odds,
        And put it to the test.

        So if your window’s open,
        And a vampire climbs in
        Just offer him a garlic steak.
        And you will get the win!

        ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  4. Steak for Vampires

    Garlic does
    Improve the taste,
    But when you’re grilling,
    In your haste
    Don’t forget
    A vampire’s vice
    For bloody rare,
    So my advice
    Is cook that t-bone
    Through and through,
    Or else there will be
    None left for you.

    (c) David L. Harrison

  5. There’s garlic in my sneaker
    And some stinkweed up my sleeve.
    I’ve stuffed my socks with sardines
    Like you simply can’t believe!
    Do you see the dirty dishrag
    In the pocket of my jeans?
    It’s hiding cubes of fetid cheese
    And moldy kidney beans.
    It’s possible you’ll catch a whiff
    Of slightly rotten egg
    I’ve tied one quite securely
    In a napkin ’round my leg.
    There’s garbage underneath my hat,
    Though you can’t see it there.
    And in my belt, I’ve tucked away
    A clump of wet dog hair!

    I think my plan is working
    It’s genius, I must say!
    I bet that you can hardly tell
    A skunk sprayed me today.

    — Jesse Anna Bornemann, 3/2/17

  6. (Based on somewhat true events, as a skunk sprayed into the ventilation system under our house in December, and we still haven’t gotten rid of the smell. Thanks for the opportunity to…vent!)

      • Thank you! Made a Lenten resolution to write for at least 30 minutes every day (mostly night). This was my start…hopefully I can keep the momentum going.

      • I hope you can keep your resolution, Jesse! Surprising what half an hour per day/night can produce.

    • Thanks! We are big fans of yours in my family. (But I’m afraid you’ll keep your distance from us now, with the skunk smell…) 🙂

      • We will be on the lookout for EEK! My 2 year old and I reread several of the HOW DO DINOSAURS…? books while browsing at Barnes & Noble last weekend.

  7. I guess I posted mine in the wrong spot this month! I thought I was the only one writing about it. Then POOF! I find this thread. Love it! Here is what I posted on the other page…

    Dear Garlic,

    I love the smell of you cooking –
    Sautéing on the stove.
    On chicken or steak, grilled or baked–
    A virtual treasure trove!

    Yes, Garlic you are the elixir of life,
    unless you’re like me… a vampire.
    One small dose and POOF! I’m toast…
    an undead ball of fire.


    • Love this! Feeling a bit sorry for Dracula, though. Reminds me of smelling chocolate candy wrappers while dieting! 🙂

  8. Garlic

    We can eat it together
    As an aphrodisiac.
    It’s heart-healthy fare,
    Can prevent a heart attack.
    Keeps vampires away
    And mosquitoes off your back.
    But mostly it’s delicious.
    Sure beats eating a Big Mac.

    -Susan Bickel

    • Ha – this is awesome, Sue! (Good to see you!) I’d definitely prefer garlic over a Big Mac, too…but I’m a vegetarian.

      • Good to see you too Jesse. I’m a vegetarian also, and a garlic lover. Love your garlic poem too…. How’s your little one doing?

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