Headed out again

Hi everyone,
Last day in this delightful spot before heading up the road in the general direction of home. Great weather, good food, plenty of sand and sea, loving friends. Not a lot of work getting done but some mornings I manage a few hours.20170131_124337_resized

Looking at the gulf and writing about the desert is something of a metaphor of the writer’s life: always being in two places at once.

I’ll be out of touch again for a while other than for occasional responses.


2 comments on “Headed out again

  1. Love your pics of the beach juxtaposed with the desert landscape. Seeing your gulf visual made me realize I’ve never really enjoyed walking along the gulf coast. I definitely will be adding that to my “leap” list. Please continue sharing about your practice when writing. Would love to see how you unfold your process on your new book on the desert. I have an interest in this area as I’m working on my next children’s book about Death Valley.

    • Thank you, Beverly. Do you prefer Bev? Beverly Ann? I’m always happy to share my adventures as a writer so I’m glad you are enjoying my posts.

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