Finished another one

Hi everyone,

I started a new story last year that I’ve alluded to a few times. It is set in a desert. One of these days I intend to write about the problems writers must identify and overcome during the course of adding reality to their work. It’s something we all share in common.

In this story I began fretting early on about a specific incident that I wanted to take place. It would play a pivotal role in the book so I needed to get it right. I wrote the passage with care and liked the result. Action that followed later in the story was based on the original incident and I also felt pleased about that.

Further research revealed that my first solution wouldn’t work. I would have to change it, which meant I’d have to rewrite that segment and some that came after it.

Resolving this conundrum to my satisfaction took about six months and involved various failed efforts along the way. Needless to say, I was delighted when I woke up one morning recently in a Florida condo and knew exactly how to solve my problem. And it was SO simple!

Yesterday I finished the story at last. I revised it five times and polished it after that. Even now it’s probably riddled with errors, but for now I’m abandoning it. My editor will find it on her computer when she arrives at work tomorrow. For now I need something else to occupy my mind. I have just the right project to keep me busy. Happy Monday everyone!