Hi everyone,

Today is the first time I’ve ever been this old. So far so good. Coffee tastes the same. Got up at the same time. Starting on a new collection of poems and am excited about its possibilities.

Later this week my trophy bride Sandy and I will be interviewed on a local radio talk show so that should be fun. Sandy will steal the show of course. I never stand a chance around that woman. If you are close enough to listen in, here are the particulars.
Larry Freund, Host
Jim Doran (Jimmy D.), Co-Host
On KWTO 560AM from 10:00-11:00 a.m., Thursday morning, March 16.

Otherwise not much planned for the week. Well, there’s a party tonight and another tomorrow night.

No travel plans until the Childrens Literature Festival in Warrensburg the 19th-21st. That’s always a highlight for me. This will be the 36th year I’ve participated.