Hi everyone,

Today is the first time I’ve ever been this old. So far so good. Coffee tastes the same. Got up at the same time. Starting on a new collection of poems and am excited about its possibilities.

Later this week my trophy bride Sandy and I will be interviewed on a local radio talk show so that should be fun. Sandy will steal the show of course. I never stand a chance around that woman. If you are close enough to listen in, here are the particulars.
Larry Freund, Host
Jim Doran (Jimmy D.), Co-Host
On KWTO 560AM from 10:00-11:00 a.m., Thursday morning, March 16.

Otherwise not much planned for the week. Well, there’s a party tonight and another tomorrow night.

No travel plans until the Childrens Literature Festival in Warrensburg the 19th-21st. That’s always a highlight for me. This will be the 36th year I’ve participated.

19 comments on “Geezerhood

    • Ha ha ha,
      A great guffaw!
      This old geezer
      Loves your squeezer.
      Feisty dishes
      Give best wishes,
      I love this date,
      Next year can wait!


  1. Getting old is a fact,
    that’s mighty true!
    But old age will never
    catch up to you!
    You’ve got too much spunk
    to geezer away,
    so live it up!
    It’s your special day!

    Happy Birthday, David!

  2. I kick start this BIRTHday
    In the usual way―
    I pour me a brew
    My old coffee will do.

    With each number that climbs,
    I’m a man happy―still peaking―primed
    Spinning new stories and braiding fresh rhymes
    Time after time after time after time . . .
    Wishing you a happy good day, David!

    • Thank you, Cory! What fun to hear from you in poetic form! I hope I’m still peaking. Sure would hate to have peaked so soon!

  3. Light the candles
    Take a deep breath & blow
    Cut the cake & here we go!
    Of life, he’s got another thick slice,
    Full o’ good work & ain’t that nice?

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