Missouri Reading Journal

Hi everyone,

I think I mentioned the article coming up in the fall issue of Missouri Reader but I forgot to tell you when the journal came out. I won’t print the whole piece here but this is how it starts.

The Missouri Reader
Vol. 40 / Issue 1 A publication of the
Fall 2016 Missouri State Council

David Harrison- For the Fun of It

“When I made up my first poem, I was hungry
and tired of waiting. My mother was frying fish
in the kitchen and I was sent to the living room
to wait for dinner. The words I thought of
expressed my need. I liked the way they
sounded. “Sometimes I wish/I had a fish/Upon a
little dish.” No one told me I had to make up a
poem. I was six-years-old. It was just a fun
thing to do. My mother taped the poem into my
scrapbook. High praise!

Seven decades later I’m still making up
poems. Kids ask why I climb out of bed at 6:00
a.m. to settle into my daily writing routine. The
reason hasn’t changed. It’s a fun thing to do.
Writing poems makes me feel good. Writing
well is neither simple nor easy, but it provides
me with a sense of gratification that drives my
desire to do it again.”

Versions of the article have appeared in New England Reading Journal and are scheduled for Arizona Reading Journal and California Reading Journal in their next issues.


6 comments on “Missouri Reading Journal

  1. The first poem I ever wrote was about a fish, as well! I think I was about seven or eight when I penned it. Great minds, for sure!

  2. I love this, David (though sorry you had to wait for your fish!) I’m 100% in agreement with your observation on writing poetry — not simple or easy, but so rewarding!

  3. David,
    There is a back story for these academic publications since most of them are peer reviewed and charge the author page charges. How did the article end up in the AZ and other educational journals?

    • Hi Joy,
      I’ve been in a lot of reading journals but have never been asked to pay for anything. Otherwise I wouldn’t do it. In this case I decided to see if any other journals would be interested in the article I wrote for the New England Journal. I’m doing a conference in California later this year so I sent it to that journal editor and it was accepted. I’ve been in that one before. I sent it to Missouri and Arizona and they both took it. I’ve been in those before too. And yes, they are peer reviewed.

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