Off to visit with kids

Hi everyone,

I’m in Warrensburg, Missouri today for my 36th time to participate in the Children’s Literature Festival. Last year I had to cancel to have my gallbladder removed and a hernia repaired. I’m glad to be going back this year!

As always I look forward to talking to the latest groups of children. More than 150 schools will be represented. I love seeing so many author and illustrator friends as well as teachers who come each year to bring their classes. I’m sorry to say that my good friend Susan Hutchens and her hubby Danny can’t make it this year but hope for better luck in 2018.


5 comments on “Off to visit with kids

  1. Every other year from now on,
    depending upon which part
    the gods decide to pick for their own.

    Still have your tonsils, adenoids,
    Wait till 2018

    How’s that liver doing?
    Heart? Lung
    Knee or hip?

    2019 is not so far.


    • Ha! Or ha? It’s a good thing I’m 6’4″ tall, Jane. Maybe I can settle for settling. Too late for the tonsils and adenoids. Might chip in an appendix. Hips and knees can wait but I’ll keep them on the bucket list. At this point the gods have a pretty good menu to choose from. Sorry this isn’t a poem. I need to get out of here in less than one hour.

  2. Sure wish Danny and I were there, dear David! I’m sure everyone who attends this year will have a great time. Puppies are keeping us busy, and thank goodness, my “hole-in-the-mouth” is hurting a bit less each day. I can now go about 7 hours without taking more Advil! Ha! Take care, and have fun!

    • Glad to hear the good report, Susan! Keep petting those pups and getting better. Sorry you couldn’t make it this time!

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