Back in the wheel

Hi everyone,

I’m home again and back in the wheel. I lost some sleep at the conference so I gave myself half an hour more rest this morning.

I had some unusual questions from kids at this festival. One asked about my favorite publisher. Another wanted to know if the blank verse of Shakespeare had any impact on my writing. I was impressed!

This year Vivian Vande Velde couldn’t make it to the festival and she always takes pictures to share with the rest of us. Bill Anderson volunteered to be our roving photographer so I expect some candid pictures from him before long. I’ll share some of them if Bill hasn’t already.

Several teachers who attended the festival with their students expressed interest in participating in the Scholastic book with Mary Jo Fresch so I look forward to their input in the coming weeks. While waiting for teacher input, I’ll get back to other projects that need some attention. I have two meetings today but expect to spend most of the rest of it starting to catch up.

10 comments on “Back in the wheel

  1. Catching up is always fun,
    after several days on the run.
    Loved the thoughtful questions asked,
    as an author – seems you passed!
    Back to work now, jump right in,
    ’til the Burg calls back again!

    • Hi Susan! Thank you for the poetic welcome home! If the Burg calls, I will go. And I hope to see you there next time!

  2. I’m already planning on it! Thank goodness – next year the 4-H Carnival will be earlier in March, so no more conflict with that event!

  3. Great festival! Right David? Kids were personable and fun, as well as the aggregation of adults. I cannot match the photographic prowess of the great VVV but will share my modest collection. In addition, Patty took bunches of photos too.

    • I agree, Bill. This year kids from more than one hundred fifty schools were there and many had to get up early to catch their bus to Warrensburg. I know they were tired and also tired of sitting on tile floors but they were all well behaved and most were enthusiastic. I look forward to see your pictures and hope that Patty will share hers too. Great to be with you again!

  4. I’m sure you don’t want to admit to a favorite publisher here on your blog, but do tell what you said about Shakespeare’s blank verse. I love that question!

    • I told him that great writing, including that of Shakespeare, has an important impact on all writing that follows, mine included. I’ve published blank verse poetry for kids but more importantly, I occasionally pick up my book of S’s complete works and read for a while to remind me of how he mastered the technique.

      • Good idea! I will pick up my complete works… I was going to say tonight, but now I think it will have to be tomorrow.

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