Sometimes it’s nice to change the scene

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I spent most of the time sitting in the living room in a favorite chair by a window. I was revising a manuscript and didn’t need to be working at the keyboard. I loved the break from the routine. I held a pad on my lap and used a pencil to snip and tuck away. Occasionally I would come in here to type in my edits or pause for coffee or snacks. Okay, one time it wasn’t coffee, but that was later in the afternoon.

Next week looks mostly open so I look forward to my chair by the window then too. From that seat I have a great view of Goose Lake. A week ago we were visited by a bald eagle. Yesterday we had three swans. As you well know, I’ll never grow tired of watching the residents and visitors going about their business.


8 comments on “Sometimes it’s nice to change the scene

  1. Three Swans A-Swimming

    Sometimes a lake is a gift,
    three swans, an eagle,
    the pearly sky,
    a single green shaft as a promise.
    We always ask for more,
    children at a holiday,
    certain the world
    will keep on giving.

    ©2017 JaneYolen all rights reserved

    • Thank you, dear Jane. I slept in this morning and now face honey-do chores for my M.O.W. I promise to respond but it could be later in the day. Until then, XO!

      • Sometimes a Lake is a Gift

        Keep on giving,
        we beg the tree,
        the lake,
        the family,
        first blue jay joy.

        Keep on giving,
        we beg muskrat’s
        v-wake at dusk,
        bats weaving
        the night sky.

        Keep on giving,
        we beg the sunrise,
        certain it will comply.

        (c) David L. Harrison

  2. Pass It On

    Re-gifting has such a bad rap,
    but I think it’s paying forward.
    Here is something I can remember–
    a book that began my love of reading,
    a bowl I used to make my babies’ meals,
    a dress still ready for another dance.

    I want to see you in the earrings
    my father gave me, watch you
    wave with my old rings on your hand.
    Give you your late father’s binoculars.
    his compass. Leave you my love
    in my will.

    But most of all, I want you to look at the skies
    and see the gifts I’ve left you with wonder in your eyes.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Your Eyes

      The wonder in your eyes,
      so recently among us,
      seeing for yourself
      what the commotion was about.
      What first impressions are you forming
      behind your unfocused gaze?
      What am I to you
      other than a support for your body?

      You can’t know yet that my world
      suddenly has magic in it,
      that my goals have been scrambled, re-centered.
      I’m already thinking swing sets,
      camping, first grade, life.

      I want so much for you I ache.
      Please let me hold you
      as long as I can.

      (c) David L. Harrison

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