Well someone has to decide

Hi everyone,

Winding up another week
and peering toward the next.

I’m arguing with myself about my priorities over the next five days.

On one hand I need to start a second poem for the new collection I have in mind but on the other I need to do some serious editing on a manuscript that really has a priority over something new. It’s enough to put me to sleep.

All I know is that I’ll work on something next week whether I sit at the keyboard ,

or in my favorite chair in the living room.


I forgot that my M.O.W. says I can’t play until I clean my room.
I guess I’d better start with that.



7 comments on “Well someone has to decide

  1. I have to admit, David – I cleaned up in the “Gal Cave” yesterday (my laundry room and storage room for crafts and school supplies). It feels pretty darn good to walk in there this morning and feel like the world is back in order again! LOL! Go ahead – straighten up, then let me know how it feels!

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