Keeping up with the times

Hi everyone,

Got my office cleaned so now I’m ready to start the process of messing it up again. Digging through the debris produced latest issues of “The Missouri Archaeologist,” “Literacy Today” (ILA journal), and “Language Arts” (NCTE journal) so I want to get to those this week. I don’t subscribe to many magazines but association journals help me follow trends in fields that interest me. For example, this issue of “Literacy Today,” features the results of a survey about current hottest topics in education, “Language Arts” includes an article about notable trade books for 2016, and “The Missouri Archaeologist” presents a brief history of steamboating on the Missouri River. I thinking about writing an article to submit to one of the state journals for an upcoming issue so that’s another reason to keep up. I’m curious about the journals or other materials you read to stay current with your interests? I think I’ve asked this before but it has been quite a while.

Sandy and I spent much of yesterday pulling taxes together. I think I can finish this afternoon. But this morning’s quiet hours are reserved for me. And away I go.


4 comments on “Keeping up with the times

  1. Magazines and journals I read?PW, Smithsonian, Birds, Horn Book, SLJ, NY Times, Washington Post. Online: Seven Impossible Things, Miss Rumphius Effect, Myth &Moor, Seven Miles of Steel Thistle, Making Light, Locus, all regularly.

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