When trite accidently oozes out

Hi everyone,

Taxes are done! Making headway on revising a story. Thinking about the second poem for the planned new group. Got some rain we need. Our cherry tree is in gorgeous full bloom. Our poor old tree-that-won’t-finish-dying is still leaning stubbornly into the wind. Is this nice or what? (Kurt Vonnegut’s uncle used to say that and I love Vonnegut’s work.)

Today is a one meeting day so I’ll have maybe eleven hours to work. That should get me another fifteen or maybe twenty pages revised. Stand back, world. I have a full pot of coffee and I’m feeling my oats.

Oh lord. Did I really say, “feeling my oats?” That’s just SO yesterday. Jane, you’re going to take me to task. I can feel it! Sigh.