I love beginnings

Hi everyone,

I agreed to start another project yesterday, this one with two other poets. As always, beginnings are exciting and filled with anticipation of challenges ahead. We hope to finish the submission draft by the end of May, which seems reasonable. My current manuscripts in process should be finished or at rest by the end of April so whatever work is left on this new one should be doable in a sprint during May.

For now I’m focusing on two other projects especially. Mary Jo Fresch and I are still waiting for teacher and student input for the book we’re doing for Scholastic. During the Children’s Literature Festival, several teachers took my card so I hope to hear from some of them soon. And I’m well into the revisions for my desert story. I started on Monday and have made good progress this week. If the pace continues, I should finish it before the end of April.


10 comments on “I love beginnings

  1. New projects keep our creative energy rubbed up. I love hearing about your goals for it inspires me to keep going. Because of posting on W.O.M., I have been invited to add a poem to a special book being released in 2018. Thank you David.

    • Good morning, dear Cory! I hope the plants are greening up your way. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

      • Patches of green are sneaking a peek. Some snow’s on the way— a pre-April Fool joke. But you know I love it, David!

  2. Yes I am. I think I need to exercise some restraint but I cannot help it.
    B e a u t i f u l just keeps expanding!
    Beautiful moments captured in beautiful photos — memories and poems.

    • I figured you were still out there finding scenes of beauty. You have a wonderful eye for it. Keep it up. Restraint is for sissies!

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