Always room for one more?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been thinking that if I work every day between now and May 1, I can meet my scheduled deadlines. My kind of schedule! Then yesterday my editor on my poetry chapter for CHILDREN’S LITERATURE IN THE READING PROGRAM, 5th edition, sent her suggested fixes. The deadline? May 1 of course. The pub date is April, 2018 so there isn’t much time for slippage. I’m glad the revisions won’t take more than two or three days, but when the cup is full, it’s full. This will be an interesting month.


13 comments on “Always room for one more?

  1. That Full Cup

    I’d rather have it way too full
    Than halfway to the brim.
    I’d rather have the lamp on high
    Than keeping it quite dim.

    I’d rather be too busy
    Than have nothing left to do.
    I’d rather have a huge full house,
    And maybe, full house two!

    I’d rather have a winning hand
    Than have no hand at all.
    I’d rather get up from my bed
    Than get up from a fall.

    But most of all I must admit
    I like a great big cup
    So that when you all come to tea
    I can say: bottom’s up!

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Good morning, Jane, from you sluggard of a friend. I’ll do better by you as soon as I can. Meanwhile, thanks for summing up the problem so clearly. XO

      • To Jane,
        Better late than never?

        My Cup

        My cup is full and running over.
        I don’t mind.
        The busier the day the taller the clover.
        It’s my kind.

        So pile it on and heap it up.
        I’d like more.
        As long as I can keep it up,
        Let it pour.

        Sometimes the words flow like wine.
        Ah, such joy!
        Sometimes they shrivel on the vine,
        Prattle, cloy.

        But keep my cup spilling over.
        I don’t mind.
        The deeper the pile the taller the clover.
        It’s my kind.

        (c) David L. Harrison

  2. You are kind, I know that is true.
    And kinda cute–that’s also you.
    But mankind’s old sin
    Is that you cannnot win
    When the woman is kind of kind, too.

    Limerickally yours,


    • “Ha ha!” cried the dotty old man,
      “I’ll get me a gal if I can.”
      But for all of his dreaming
      And foolhardy scheming,
      Naught ever came of his plan.

  3. Dear Dotty old man–to remind,
    You have a gal–best of her kind.
    So a slap on the hand,
    To remind you she’s grand,
    And a better one is hard to find!

    The limerick battle continues.


    • “Oh my!” said the dotty old guy,
      “You’re right and I never would try
      To improve on my jewel.
      I’d be a durned fool
      To hunt for another so spry.”

  4. “My work here,” she said “is now done.
    I have shown you that she is the one.
    Now for you to be fair,
    It is time that you share
    And find me my own special someone.”

    She sighed and the calendar showed.
    “I’m widowed and may soon explode.
    Eleven years lone
    Living all on my own.
    Can’t you tell that I truly am owed?”

    • With love and my sympathy, Jane,
      For the loss of your soul-mate pain,
      In spite of the dandies —
      From geezers to randies —
      I wish you great love once again.

  5. Shopping List

    A wish is no help, you old goot.
    I need a guy now in a suit.
    Or a tee-shirt and tie
    On whom I can rely,
    Smart and funny though never a brute.

    If you know one and he is quite free,
    Please send him tout suite off to me.
    As long as he’s funny
    And smart (won’t need money)
    We can live as one blissfully.

    Oh yes, education a must,
    And Democrat, elsewise a bust.
    Tall and grammatical
    (On that I’m fanatical,
    serial commas, I trust).

    I hope he lives close to me here.
    On marriage–well, he needn’t fear.
    A reader is best,
    there’s really no test,
    and we both better be So Last Year.

    So send him along right away.
    I’m ready to primp, practice, play,
    My candle needs lighting,
    I need more than writing,
    In fact I am ready TODAY!

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • But, dear Jeanne, just knowing that it COULD be full keeps you in the race. Here’s to freedom of choice. XO

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