Just won a blue ribbon

Hi everyone,

Once in a while a note comes in that makes me smile and want to whoop and holler. I never enter my work for awards (lazy? cheap?) so I’m especially grateful to Donna Spurlock and her staff at Charlesbridge for doing if for me. You may have seen the notice put up on Facebook yesterday by Karen Boss, my superlative editor at Charlesbridge. In case you didn’t, here it is.

NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T is the winner for the Society of Midland Authors Children’s Nonfiction Book award! http://ow.ly/rNFS30aB8a7

According to the press release from SMA, “The Society, founded in 1915 by a group of authors including Hamlin Garland, Harriet Monroe and Vachel Lindsay, has given out annual awards since 1957. The juried competition is open to authors who live in, were born in, or have strong ties to Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota or Wisconsin.

Notable winners have included Saul Bellow, Kurt Vonnegut, Studs Terkel, Gwendolyn Brooks, Mike Royko, Jane Smiley, Dempsey Travis, Leon Forrest, William Maxwell, Louise Erdrich, Scott Turow, Alex Kotlowitz, Aleksandar Hemon, Stuart Dybek and Roger Ebert.”

One reason I’m happy is that it’s a book of science-based poetry that won for nonfiction. It’s more evidence for teachers of how poetry can work in their classrooms and hold it’s own against books of prose. When PIRATES came out in 2008, it also was recognized (by VOYA Press) on its Nonfiction Honor List. Both of these titles were well researched so that they can be used in core subject studies.

I haven’t decided yet about flying to Chicago on May 9 to accept the plaque and check at the Awards Banquet. Years ago I didn’t go to NYC to accept my Christopher Award and on another award occasion I stayed home from Chicago. Sandy is encouraging me to go this time. She’ll even go with me. That certainly makes it more enticing.

Meanwhile, if you hear some guy whistling down the street, this might help you understand.


23 comments on “Just won a blue ribbon

  1. You always were,
    in my clear eye,
    A blue-blue ribbon
    kind of guy.

    Yellow clashes
    with your tone,
    and red–why leave
    that all alone.

    Black? Well only
    with a tux.
    And green? That ribbon
    really. . .sucks.

    But blue, I know
    in tie and eye,
    your’e my blue ribbon
    kind of guy.


  2. Blue ribbons rock
    that’s mighty true,
    And no one deserves it
    as much as you!

    For all your works,
    for encouraging youth –
    You’re tops to us all
    and that’s the truth!

    The Windy City’s calling
    Take Sandy and play!
    And know that we’ll ALL
    be whistling that day!

  3. Whistling a loud, happy tune today,
    Skipping and dancing, David’s feet flew.
    He’s thinking about the month of May
    And a jaunt up North for his ribbon blue!

    A hearty congratulations for another such accomplishment David! Seems to me these are a regular habit of yours. I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t think you are a great guy who does fine work and is very talented. I feel priveledged to just be acquainted with you!

    • Janine, thank you! Thank you for the poem and for your sweet comments. You can bet that my day is starting off nicely!

    • Thank you my dear friend. I’ve always wished I had gone to Chicago when you got your great award for the play you wrote based on our characters. Love and XOs.

  4. David, we know―always knew
    You’d rake in MORE than a few―
    Ribbons in forget-me-not hues.
    You’re a winner― heartful and true!

    I must pay my due
    Before I ribbon my blue
    You’ve given many a clue.

    In the meantime―a brew.
    Congrats, David! I am thrilled for YOU!
    (cheering, whistling, smiling . . )

    • Thank you, Julie! I appreciate hearing from you. The other day at a children’s literature festival I bragged on your work in our upcoming book, CRAWLY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FOR BUGS. It is going to be such a fun book! I can’t wait for it to come out!

  5. I agree with Jeff and Sandy: of course, you should go! Think of it as a small chore that entitles you to a drink–afterwards–at the Palmer House.

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