Keeping me humble

Hi everyone,

This is the 2,301st time I’ve greeted you like that. Now and then I think about some new salutation. Maybe, “Hi there,” or “Hiya,” to be more casual. “Zup?” “Yo?” “Howdy?” “Greetings?” “Dear Hearts?” “Dahlinks?” In the end I always decide I like the one I’ve been using so I stick with it.

With that Sunday morning trivia out of the way, I’m off to perform the rest of the chores I promised my M.O.W. I would do yesterday while she toiled away at our gift shop (Gamble’s).

Last year’s geraniums plucked from their pots and taken to recycling?
Carry the pots from garage to patio? Check.
Plant this year’s geraniums?
It goes so much better when we do it together, darling.
Do the laundry?
Take them out of the dryer?
Go to the grocery story?
Straighten the office?
Carry outdoor vac from patio to garage?
Uh, thought you still needed it.

And that’s why I have to run. See you tomorrow. XO


9 comments on “Keeping me humble

    • Ha ha!

      Chores II

      “They don’t hurt.”

      No new dirt.”

      To start that caper.

      We’d use paper.

      Wanna write.

  1. Jump right in
    and “get ‘er done”
    You’ll earn a kiss
    from your dear hon!

    Jump right in
    and do it fast
    that “all done” feeling
    is a blast.

    Jump right in
    go for the “wrap”
    then snuggle back
    for a needed nap!

    • For Susan

      Jump right in,
      For if I don’t,
      Think I’ll get that kiss?
      I won’t.

      Jump right in
      And getter done.
      Adjust my attitude —
      It’s fun!

      Jump right in
      And do each task.
      What happens if I don’t?
      Don’t ask.

  2. Danny is chuckling at your poem reply. Guess he can relate! LOL!!! Have a great day, and thanks for the smile this morning!

    Morning to you, as well, Jane!


  3. I have a land line for phone in house in case the power goes out. I left a blunt message on it to discourage telemarketers. Last night one of them left a message for
    the “dirty old bitch”! Wonder who he was speaking to?

  4. C: Crummy stuff he has to do
    H: Heck! He don’t want to!
    O: Ornery things he’d like to say
    R: Rats! Got to do stuff anyway,
    E: Even though he’d rather not.
    S: Shit. Another lost battle fought.

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