Moon nest

Hi everyone,

Last night the moon made a nest and peeked down through the bottom of it at me. I’m going to write a poem of thanks to the moon. You may want to too.

I wonder, when the moon makes a nest, what it hopes to hatch. Do geese below gaze up in the night at that big old moon and wonder the same thing? Do they notice her full belly and figure it’s time for her to get busy laying?

Or do they note, as I did, that there is a hole in the bottom of her nest. Maybe it is the sort of nest you make when you mean to shine your light on birds sitting patiently on lumpy eggs, or to comfort lonely souls by bringing back gentle memories of other full moons, or to encourage lovers to hold hands and never let go, or to give children a moon to help them dream their dreams.

When I decide a proper way to thank my moon for gazing down at me through the hole in the bottom of her nest, I’ll let you know.


11 comments on “Moon nest

  1. Moon Nest

    During your serene nightly rounds
    to sooth the mischief left by your cousin,
    you pause to visit my hackberry tree.

    I understand that you can’t stay.
    Other lives need your attention.
    Yet on this night the moon herself
    chose to nest in my hackberry tree,
    beam me gifts of the moon mother,
    bring me peace, awe, delight,
    leave me the magical stuff of dreams.

    (c) David L. Harrison

      • (:>
        I always try to cut her some slack, Michelle. Sitting on a batch of goose-size eggs with rocks for a mattress is not exactly like sleeping on a bed of roses. Meanwhile her mate is out somewhere gandering around like he did all the work.

  2. What a beautiful image, David!
    Your wonderings will prompt a flock of poems,
    sure to come home to roost and rest in your lovely moon nest.
    Thank you.

  3. Love the Moon poem…your talent certainly shines through…always enjoy your writings and your books are favorites of my grandchildren…I now have twenty-two of them

    • Wow! Tenoha, a lot of people don’t even have twenty-two books, let along that many grandchildren! I can’t talk any more. I have to write more books for your grandkids!

  4. David: The image you posted is so evocative… it’s trying to hatch something poetic in my brain. I like the “peace, awe, delight” that you share. Yes! Thanks for this.

    • Greetings, Karen! I’m glad my word and poem are nudging your imagination. I bet you’ll come up with something special!

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