Sharing Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

Itsy bitsy spider
Crawled up my trouser leg,
“Itsy bitsy spider,
Don’t eat me up I beg.”
Itsy bitsy spider
Said, “I wouldn’t bite.”
I shook his hands,
All eight of them,
And flipped him off goodnight.


8 comments on “Sharing Goose Lake

  1. I love this as an example of how to take a traditional rhyme and turn it into something original. And your bravery & valor.

    • Hi, Jane. Glad you like my bit of silliness this morning. It was a pretty little spider. I’m sorry that my picture is so fuzzy.

  2. The itsy bitsy spider
    climbed up on Susan’s seam.
    She looked down and saw it
    let out a mighty scream!
    The itsy bitsy spider
    will climb on pants no more.
    ‘Cause Susan swept in downward
    and stomped it on the floor.

    Sorry! Spiders outside are really neat! Spiders inside are NOT!

  3. Snakes don’t bother me so much, ever since we had 15 garter snakes show up in our house. (Our old house.) Apparently a pregnant snake got into our crawl space and had her babies. During the course of about two years, these babies slowly made their way upstairs. It didn’t faze me to see one, grab it, and deposit it outside.

    Now rattlesnakes? That’s another story! Ha! (And yes – we have them in our area now.)

    Glad you liked the poem. My daughter, Becky, would be horrified to know I squish spiders. She has a few as pets! (tarantulas, no less!)

    • Good for you! A friend of mine was sitting with his wife in their living room one evening with the door open. When a snake crawled in, his wife screamed and ran across the top of the sofa to safety.

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