I’m right here

Hi everyone,

On a day like this I look forward to twelve hours of computer time less a break for lunch with an old friend. As I sit here in my pajamas, I imagine many of you at your keyboards, too, maybe still in your pajamas or gowns, yawning into the day while the coffee is making.

I’m always glad when you check on me to see what’s up in my corner. I’m on the computer many hours every day Monday through Friday so I get to watch you wake up from East to West. We’ve been talking back and forth for so long that I’ve become familiar with the sleeping habits of many who come by on a regular basis. Normally I wake up to a few notes that come in from Europe and early risers along the east coast, and as the day progresses I note when others join in as the sun moves across the country.

As you know, I usually post whatever is on my mind and/or new in my life. Sometimes a lot of you click on my note, sometimes not so many, but you know I’m here and I think about you as I go about my work and life. Thanks! I hope you have as good a day as I expect to have.