I’m right here

Hi everyone,

On a day like this I look forward to twelve hours of computer time less a break for lunch with an old friend. As I sit here in my pajamas, I imagine many of you at your keyboards, too, maybe still in your pajamas or gowns, yawning into the day while the coffee is making.

I’m always glad when you check on me to see what’s up in my corner. I’m on the computer many hours every day Monday through Friday so I get to watch you wake up from East to West. We’ve been talking back and forth for so long that I’ve become familiar with the sleeping habits of many who come by on a regular basis. Normally I wake up to a few notes that come in from Europe and early risers along the east coast, and as the day progresses I note when others join in as the sun moves across the country.

As you know, I usually post whatever is on my mind and/or new in my life. Sometimes a lot of you click on my note, sometimes not so many, but you know I’m here and I think about you as I go about my work and life. Thanks! I hope you have as good a day as I expect to have.



17 comments on “I’m right here

  1. Writing in My Nightgown

    Still in bed, the sun has risen,
    Hope that I may be forgiven.
    Three new poems, and one new line
    that I think is mighty fine.

    One new page on one old ‘script.
    For this morning, I’m equipped.
    All I need to write things down–
    one keyboard and one nightgown.


    PS Dare I mention bed socks?

    • With Love to Jane

      Up and blinking in the day,
      Here I sit and here I’ll stay,
      The words will come, they always do,
      Starting with this thought for you.

      I’m glad you’re there propped up in bed
      Poems dancing in your head,
      I doubt your muse can ever rest,
      For which the rest of us are blessed.

      (c) David L. Harrison

  2. Off and running
    sub at school
    second graders
    mighty cool!

    Day will fly
    kids will learn
    few more bucks
    my pocket earn.

    Have a great day, David! I have Now You See Them packed in my bag to share with the students today!! (I’ll be with them today, tomorrow and Monday. Plenty of time to share!)

    • There she goes,
      That teacher fine
      I’m proud to call
      A friend of mine!

      Students, it’s
      Your lucky day.
      Mrs. H
      Is on her way!

      • Home at last
        Day is done
        Lots of work
        Lots of fun!

        Saw your poem
        Made me cry
        You are great –
        Special guy.

        Sub again
        Fun ahead
        No more prose
        I’m off to bed!

  3. Up at eight, a bit too late
    While coffee’s on, I perch, and wait.
    I part the curtains and gaze beyond
    What calls to me- I muse and jot.
    BEYOND THE WALL slowly emerges
    It’s now past ten–Oh, me, oh my!
    Time, perhaps, to make the bed!

    • It isn’t nine so plenty of time
      To gaze and think and make a rhyme.
      So part the curtains, hear the call
      To muse and dream beyond the wall.
      Make the bed? That can wait.
      You have a more important date!

  4. I see the coffee’s dipping low —
    Better grind and brew more Joe.
    And what’s that near my steaming cup?
    A spot of dust I must wipe up!
    My shirt’s a little dirty, too.
    Perhaps there’s laundry I should do.
    The dog is barking — he agrees.
    …unless he’s saying he has fleas.
    Quite possible, but hard to tell…
    I better wash him off, as well.
    And while I dry that wagging tail,
    I guess I could sort through the mail.

    So many errands left to run,
    And now I see it’s almost 1.
    My poetry will have to wait.
    How ever did it get so late?

    (Good luck with your day, David & everyone!)

  5. Morning or near afternoon. I set my alarm so this didn’t happen to me AGAIN. Hopefully before anyone was awake and the morning could be mine. It wasn’t/isn’t. Mostly my fault. Guess my eyes were foggy when I went to bed at 1: Is this memo just for you or the world? I’m gone to reclaim my day even though Sassy is purring at my feet. According to your poem for the day, I qualify as a poet. M.a

    • Say hello to the “whole world!” Or at least those who visit my blog and read the comments. I’m glad you are reclaiming your day and are feeling poetic! First a novelist and now a poet. Why not? XO

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