Knowing what’s coming

Hi everyone,

We’re supposed to get 5.5 inches of rain over the next few days. I’m afraid that Mother Goose is in jeopardy. Her nest is only three or four inches above normal lake level and there’s a good chance that her eggs will be under water before the storm passes. Same thing happened two years ago. Nothing can be done about it. Losing eggs to nature and predators is a common occurrence. And goodness knows we have plenty of geese around here already. Still, it’s hard to watch without feeling sorry for the goose sitting on her rocky nest in driving rain, all for a lost cause.


3 comments on “Knowing what’s coming

  1. Thank you and thank you again for understanding the balance of nature! It is difficult for us to watch because we assign human qualities to what we see in nature. When we interrupt the natural balance by intervening to make ourselves feel better, we can wreak havoc far and wide. Bless you, David, for caring even more deeply for our natural world!

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