Singers of the night

Hi everyone,

For the past several nights we’ve been hearing a chorus of toads or frogs singing in and around the water on our pool cover. I think they’re toads and am trying to identify them. It’s hard to see their coloring and patterns clearly enough in the dark even with my night binoculars. After a winter’s accumulation, the water on top of the cover is nasty looking but it suits the neighborhood toads just fine. The pool will be opened three days from now so their window for finding mates is drawing down. I can certainly testify that those little males were singing their hearts out last night as we sat in chairs a few feet away to watch and listen, and they never quit all night. At 6:00 this morning they were still at it.


17 comments on “Singers of the night

  1. Toads Singing on the Pool Cover

    Romance does not always acquaint itself
    with fine dining and a heated towel.
    Sometimes a pool cover,
    dark and slippery with decomposing leaves
    brings out the sweetest love songs.

    I can’t say that a muggy night and plastic
    does much for my hormones,
    but those toads have claimed the night,
    so set my binoculars aside.
    Even amphibians need respite

    from the peepers.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

      • And the Winner Is…

        I’ve been watching you
        Do your shoppin’.
        Now you’re mine
        So I’ll be coppin’
        A little squeeze
        And I’m not stoppin’
        So come on baby,
        Let’s get hoppin’!

        (c) David L Harrison

    • Oh my! You both do these toads proud, I just had to join in the chorus.

      A toad who was feeling loquacious,
      melodious, if not flirtatious,
      swelled like the tide
      when his peeping eyes spied
      a croakquette who was sleek and curvaceous.

  2. You have your toads
    singing all night.
    I have my chickens
    crowing delight.
    Chickens or toads,
    which could be worse?
    They both give us lots
    of opportunities
    for verse.


    • And here is none other than the poetry princess herself!

      Yes, my friend, whether from chickens or toads, we’ll never run out of material.

  3. He Needs Answers

    Two girls, three boys –
    An extra guy.
    Who gets to father
    Their tadpole fry?
    Shunned by both,
    He wonders why
    The chance for love
    Passed him by.
    Despondent to
    The point of death,
    He sits and sighs
    His bad worm breath.

    (C) David L Harrison

  4. But Then. . .

    But then, a tiny, virgin toad
    came hopping (hoping) down the road.
    She stepped upon the cover there,
    and sweetly tossed what goes as hair
    on maiden toads. The extra guy
    hopped up to bat (t’was sad, not shy)
    and placed a hand (a leg? a wart?)
    and straddled her on top (athwart?)
    Achieved his very toady goal.
    Expecting many a toad tadpole.

    If you want some tadpole fry,
    For God’s sake sing, and never cry.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  5. I think some very smart convention or conference organizers should have David and me with our laptops as Challenge Poets. First we would show what we could do with challenge topics or words from the moderator (you could watch us writing on the screen.) And then we could be challenged individually by people in the audience. It would be a great deal of fun/educational entertainment.

    Don’t try this at home!!!


  6. Jane, I’m sitting here laughing like a nut. This is priceless and I award you the crown for the day. Wear it cocked to one side.

    • You did it again! I’m supposed to be writing a sonnet to a deceased African-American composer and you keep breaking me up. I’ll think I’ll have a drink and regroup. In the meantime, XOXO!!

    • Loquacious, flirtatious,
      croakquettish, curvaceous,
      straddled athwartish,
      re-groping, cavortish,
      let’s call the whole thing off…
      for now.

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