Something About the Author

Hi everyone,

I’ve heard from the folks who publish the series of reference books called SOMETHING ABOUT THE AUTHOR that they are planning an update of my profile in an upcoming edition. I checked my records and verified that I was in a volume in 1997 and updated in 2008 and 2113. Is anyone familiar with this series and do you find it useful? It’s a reference book priced at $246 and geared for libraries. They pay me to be in it so unless I hear negative feedback from you, I guess I’ll okay the new article. The last one ran around 5,000 words and I received a pre-pub copy to review and edit. Thanks.



6 comments on “Something About the Author

  1. It’s an important, well-respected series. I think it used to be more well-used than it is now due to declining school budgets and the availability of free info on the internet, such as author websites. In any case, by all means send an update, and congratulations on being included!

    • Good morning, Jane, and thank you very much for the feedback. That’s reassuring. I’ve no doubt that the Internet has eaten into the market for expensive reference books.

  2. Congratulations, David. I agree totally with Jane’s comments. If nothing else, writing my original bio and a 10-year follow-up was a nice exercise in taking a look at where I’d been, what I’d accomplished, and where I might be headed next. Go for it!

    • Hi Sandy. Thanks for your thoughts. I’m convinced, thanks to Jane, Bill Anderson, and you. Hope things are good with you. Love and XOs

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