An evening with tomorrow’s writers

Hi everyone,

I was one of five readers last night at the annual Writers Hall of Fame of the Ozarks Student Recognition Banquet and was, as always, impressed by the talent of the winning writers. Students from grades 5-12 created a wide range of poetry and prose that was impressive. My congratulations to the young writers, their teachers, and their families. My thanks to Writers Hall of Fame for sponsoring such a valuable event. Scholarships from $500 to $1,500 were awarded to several college bound seniors who will be pursuing careers in writing. For twenty-five dollars a ticket, it was a banquet worth attending!


2 comments on “An evening with tomorrow’s writers

  1. Truly these are key to the survival of this form of art. Encourage and reward them for their (tough) choice in career. And thank you for your support, David!

    • Hi Janine. It’s always a pleasure to encourage and support young people in whatever they dream of doing. And fledgling writers are especially fun to watch.

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