To croak or to croak, that is the question.

Hi everyone,

Two nights ago our lovelorn toads were singing the rain their lustiest come-hither songs. I counted seven but knew there were others. Yesterday three men came and opened our pool. To do that they first drained off the water that covered the pool cover with a nasty soup that harbored crane fly larvae and toads that tucked their secrets out of sight.

The men cleaned off the cover and put it in storage before attending to the clean water beneath and refilling the top few inches of the pool. Now the water is nice and clear again and waiting for us to enjoy our first dip once the weather warms up enough.

The toads? The guys said they never saw any. They either sucked them up in the large hose they use to transfer the water downhill into the lake or they picked them up in their wide-mouthed leaf scoopers they use to gather up accumulated debris. The toads either escaped through the hose — a rather daring-do deed indeed — or they met an untimely fate stuffed in large cans packed in among the leaves. If the latter, I can only say, with a man’s logic and sense of humor, at least they went out happy.


17 comments on “To croak or to croak, that is the question.

  1. Hosing the toads

    Amphibious lovers–
    a casual yodel:
    Pool cover dating–
    disaster is toadal.

    You sing in the night
    and though never quite seen
    You’re now not the amphibs
    That you once had been.

    We mourn those true maters
    (and paters) who might
    have made something special
    this fine late date night.

    Lots of small toadlets?
    Well some we supposed,
    but that’s never happening,
    All were well hosed,

    ©2017 JaneYolen all rights reserved

  2. This Just In!

    The toads are back!
    With renewed ardor!
    With a clean start,
    They’re trying harder.

    Two have found
    Their mates already.
    Twice in a week?
    Lucky? Veddy!

    No need for wine
    Or romantic moon.
    I hope they finish
    Their business soon.

    I’m envious
    of each toad him.
    All I do in the pool
    Is swim.

    (c) David L Harrison

  3. Perhaps

    Perhaps you say to wife,
    It’s cool
    to do much more than swim
    in our pool.

    Before and after
    I will sing.
    (You already have
    the wedding ring.)

    Your big friendly booster!

    With apologies to Sandy.

    ©j2017 aneyolen All rights reserved (I guess)

    • I find your wisdom fun and sound
      but there’s always some fool
      with a camera around.

      Now in my youth I might not care
      but wrinkly old me
      I seldom share.

  4. envy us not
    what we toads have got

    for if you hop into the wart of the matter
    you’ll RIBBIT—
    “an amphi-life’s not what it’s croaked-up to be!”

  5. Yesterday I bought some orange flowers for my family to plant and a red ant walked up our legs in the car leaving itchy pathway behind. It’s been 80 and 90 in the shade.
    At night, it drops to 40! Skipping between NY and Cape Cod as the fluctuating weather pursues us. And now, let’s hear it for the frogs and toads!

    • Whew! That’s enough to make a red ant antsy. We’re still looking for some ant weather. I took a picture of Sandy in a raincoat scooping exhausted toads out of the water yesterday before they croaked their last. One didn’t make it but the others hopped away and disappeared.

  6. How did I miss all of this fun yesterday? Must be because it’s snowing here and I took a nice long nap instead of playing on the computer. Oh – and the snow made the internet a bit wacky. Loved all of the poems!

    • Well you know how it goes sometimes when Jane and I get going. One never knows when poetry will break out around here. As for snow in May (close to it), I think I’ll not pack my bags to head out your way for a while.

  7. The wind is blowing like crazy today. I love watching the snow rush down the ridge behind our house! Lasagna is in the oven and I have a good book (hint!) in front of me to read today. Life is good!

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