And the word of the month word for May is . . .

Hi everyone,

Cory Corrado, have I used RAIN before? Considering how much water has been falling on us around here lately, I think rain would be a fitting word for this month’s challenge. So jump in, everybody. Splash in puddles. Get your feet wet. It’s raining!

On another front, I’ve decided to go to Chicago to accept my award from The Society of Midland Authors. My S.O.W. nudged me into it by saying she would go. With her there, she can hold my hand so I can cross streets while looking up at tall buildings and maybe she’ll get me an ice cream cone. The banquet is on Tuesday, May 9, at the Cliff Dwellers Club, 200 S. Michigan, 22nd floor. If you are in the area and are interested in purchasing a ticket online ($76), here is the link. The master of ceremonies will be Keir Graff, the executive editor of Booklist and co-host of Publishing Cocktails.


22 comments on “And the word of the month word for May is . . .

  1. For the word of the month–“Rain”


    We always need a place for over-flow,
    a strain-reliever, brain retriever,
    never slow.

    A way to bring up memory, a grate-filled dead.
    Where love is prized, memoriialized

    That site of sun and shine where rain is banished,
    Where trouble, terror, sadness

    A drain that strains the hardness from the past.
    Where snapshots of a life
    will always last.

    A home within the bleeding heart,
    now staunched.
    A harbor where the ships of life are launched.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • My friend, did you even go to bed last night? Thanks for kicking off the merry, merry month. XO

    • Rain

      Rain can bring a moody kind of day,
      when cooped inside we wish that it
      would go away.

      Picnic spoiler, game called-offer pain,
      outdoor wedding trashed by slashing

      Children splashing, muddy tracking floors,
      major cause of headaches when
      it pours.

      Cows in pastures dripping where they stand,
      every crevice saturated in
      the land.

      And then the sun and spirits rise on high,
      until the drought when gardens wilt
      because its dry.

      (c) David L Harrison

  2. Rain Bow

    Draw the bow
    After showers,
    Show the colors
    Sky-born flowers.

    Sing the chorus,
    Bow the head,
    Honor living,
    Hymn the dead.

    Drink the rain,
    Eat the sky,
    Live the fullest
    Till you die.

    Bow the fiddle,
    Dance the tune.
    May will be gone
    Very soon.

    Then June.

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Good morning, partner! We’ve already been talking about Chicago pizza. Sandy doesn’t care for thick crust but I love it! XO

  3. David, RAIN has not been used before
    It’s pouring here―――
    Don’t think I’ll be stepping out the door!

    • Good morning, Cory. Thank you for checking! You’re staying in? So am I. Best way I know to keep dry!

  4. We can always use rain
    Out here in the West
    But for some reason
    Clouds give snow best!

    I’ve never done a Word of the Month poem so quickly! Ha!

  5. Ok, I’m chiming in here!

    Car Wash: $1

    Need a car wash? You’re in luck!
    My service is first-rate —
    A thorough scrub for just a buck
    With hardly any wait!

    No truck’s too big or trike’s too small.
    (Yes, three wheels are okay!)
    Mud, grime, and rust, I’ll clean it all.
    Just point your wheels my way.

    What’s that you say? There’s rain ahead?
    Oh, storms don’t bother me.
    I’ll gladly *dry* your car instead.
    Please, have the wash for free!

    — Jesse Anna Bornemann, 5/3/17

    Hope you have a great trip to Chicago, David! Congratulations on your award 🙂

  6. I’ve started commuting by train from my home in the country to a job in the city. I’m planning to write a lot of poems while riding the rails. Here’s a start. (I’ll post it in the other place too to get things started there.


    The farmer’s crops could use the rain.
    For me today, it’s just a pain
    When riding into town by train.

    Drops on the pane obscure my view.
    I’m burdened with an umbrella too.
    I’d much prefer some sunshine, you?

    • Oooh – triple rhyme! I like it! Good luck writing during your commute. I would be so tempted to sleep!

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