Our operators are standing by

Hi everyone,

It is my privilege to introduce a new niche market business. I hope you will all get behind this ambitious new enterprise and cheer on the owner/proprietor.

Please spread the word about:

Our Motto:
“No toad has too many warts!”

Does she deserve a little love or what? I know she will appreciate your business.

I have a feeling I’m about to get the business too.


11 comments on “Our operators are standing by

  1. Mistress of Toads

    She carries huge loads,
    this mistress of toads.
    A shovel of amphis
    (not served up as scampis)
    but setting them free.
    (Between you and me,
    I’d let them all drown.)
    She’s the toast of Toad Town.

    xxxJane to Sandy

  2. Sandy’s skimming ’round the pool…
    It’s making perfect sense!
    Be nice!
    Be kind!
    Give lots of hugs!
    Lest she finds another prince!

    • Is that why she was out there kissing those danged things? Okay, I’ll give her an extra hug. Thanks!

  3. and when Sandy gets a load o’ toads? sends ’em flying, hippity-hopping down the road? boy oh boy, take a picture of that!

    • I’m always standing by with my handy phone camera. Sometimes she doesn’t appear to enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

    • No more toads. They’ve all been rescued. Except for the one that went toes up. But seven out of eight isn’t bad!

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