Happy weekend!

Hi everyone,

I had a good visit with Bill Anderson yesterday when he was passing through town to a board meeting in Mansfield for the Laura Ingalls Wilder Foundation. He has been involved for years with them and has, of course, written wonderful books about Wilder. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Anderson_(American_writer).

Hope you have a good weekend in store. I’ll be out of pocket from Sunday through Wednesday but hope to show you a picture or two come Thursday.

And congratulations to Mary Nida Smith! On April 26, University of Arizona NROTC Awards Presented: The Freddie Warder Naval Submarine League (NSL) Outstanding Achievement Certificate and a copy of Mary Nida’s book, HEROES BENEATH THE WAVES, to Midshipman Zachary J. Rossi, USNR. Way to go, Mary Nida!


6 comments on “Happy weekend!

  1. Good morning David. My word, you gave me a shock, my mouth dropped when I seen what you had placed here. Thank you David, this is very kind of you. Have a great week ahead.

    • It was well deserved, Mary Nida. Glad to do it and I wanted more people to know of your achievement. Again, congratulations!

  2. What a happy post! I got to meet Bill Anderson several years ago when he spoke at a conference here, and of course, I have read some of his work. Really a nice guy. Mary Nida Smith and I have not met in person, but met through you. Hearty congrats, Mary!! Spring has truly sprung here, and we will be out enjoying it (and tending to the yard). My heart goes out to all those affected by floods.

    • Good morning, Jane. It was a happy post to do. Pretty day here so maybe we can tackle a few weeds this afternoon.

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