The Boy with a Drum, Australia style

Hi everyone,

All packed and ready. I wasn’t going to post today but this just came in from Mike Jackson in Queenscliff, Victoria, so I decided to share it before I get away. A number of years ago Mike and a partner set my story, THE BOY WITH A DRUM, to music. On this occasion he saw the cover of the book on a wall (fourth row up, by the window) and was thoughtful enough to send me the picture. Here’s Mike’s note.

“Hi David, Hope you are well. Just sitting in a local café having a dose of caffeine when I spotted this on their wall. You’ll have to enlarge it and turn it on its side to see your contribution.

Still around after all these years!”
Mike Jackson
Queenscliff, Victoria

I asked Mike what he’s doing these days. And here’s his reply. “We’re doing spiffily well. My beloved Diane has just had her fourth children’s picture book published and I’ve just arrived home from a 10 week promotional tour in Europe and now have more work than I can poke a stick translating my ukulele tutors into other languages and creating a new teaching system.”

Whew! Thanks, Mike!


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