And I feel fine

Hi everyone,

Just got home a few minutes ago. Chicago was a great experience as usual. Robin and Jeff joined us and in the little time we had we managed to visit the Planetarium on Monday, the Field Natural History Museum on Tuesday, and the Art Museum today before heading to the airport.

The purpose of the trip of course was for me to accept an award from The Society of Midland Authors for the best nonfiction children’s book by a midland author in 2016. It was a swell party and I’ll report on it through a blog posted soon by my publisher for the book, Charlesbridge Press. As soon as they post it I’ll share it. For now, here’s the building from street level. And here is the view from the 22nd floor where the event took place. Here is a summary board of past recipients.
And here I am standing in front of a board showing this year’s winner. That’s me smiling. This year’s winners were recognized in six categories: Adult Fiction, Adult Nonfiction, Adult Biography and Memoir, Adult Poetry, Children’s Fiction, and Children’s Nonfiction. In each case there were two or three honorees. I’ll do better in the upcoming post for Charlesbridge. Right now I’m still pretty pumped.


9 comments on “And I feel fine

  1. Hearty congrats and all that jazz,
    Does it mean the end to razz?
    No more grabbing your big nose?
    No more teasing, I suppose.

    No more nasty poems hand writ.
    I will have to shelve my wit.
    We will scrape and bow and then
    Back to razzing you again.

    With love,

  2. how terrific! getting to visit those remarkable places w/ your dearest people PLUS honors & glory. sounds like the Harrisons’ Excellent Adventure, yes?

    • Good morning, m’dear. It was a fine time being had by all and I managed to get home without breaking the award. Now I’m left with laundry and good memories. Time to get back to work!

    • Hello, Terry! Thank you for your kind comments. Jeff said he had so much fun he can’t wait to see where we’ll go for the next one. Talk about pressure!

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