Charlotte’s grandchildren many generations removed

Hi everyone,

Sandy and I spent Saturday night with Robin, Tim, and Kris on Table Rock Lake. Yesterday Sandy and I were having morning coffee on the deck of our lodge unit when I noticed a silken strand floating in the sunlight. When I looked more closely, I made out others. Some were catching on the tree limbs nearby. Others were rising and falling on the air, going where it would take them to find their destinies. One came across my lap.

At the end of each silken thread was a tiny speck of life. I remembered the scene when Charlette’s children were released from their eggs and Wilbur watched in amazement as they floated away. There was no pig around yesterday to watch the little miracle unfold, but I thought again of E. B. White’s wonderful tale and thought, if I listened more carefully, I might hear a chorus of excited voices on the breeze calling out “Wheeeeeeee!”


6 comments on “Charlotte’s grandchildren many generations removed

  1. When comes the breeze
    it’s off we go!
    Sometimes we’re high
    sometimes we’re low.

    Don’t get to choose
    our final spot,
    our silken strand
    and tiny dot.

    With luck we’ll find
    a comfy place,
    continue on
    our spider race.

    • Well would you look at that! Thank you, Susan, for sending the adventuresome infants off in such high style!

  2. Charlotte’s Great Grandchildren

    So much sky,
    so little time,
    such strands of a life
    that each must climb.

    So many trees,
    some smooth, some rough,
    even spider legs
    aren’t enough.

    So many breezes,
    so much air,
    a mite of a spider
    must take care.

    So many threads,
    so silken, fine,
    so many marching
    along that line.

    ©2017 JaneYolen all rights reserved

    • Ah yes. Jane, If I have another opportunity to watch the flight of spiders, I’ll read your poem as their sendoff.

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