Switching gears

Hi everyone,

Starting Monday I’m switching from a middle grade novel, which is now finished until an editor tells me otherwise, to a book of short poems for preschool kids. I need the change and look forward to the new challenge. Next week Laura Robb will be in town to do a conference and we plan to have dinner while she’s here. We’ve been saying for years that one of these days we need to write a book together. Who knows? Maybe this trip will produce the right spark at last.

In the meantime I’m loving the season and I finally got the toads out of the pool so I could get in. Around here that makes spring official.


4 comments on “Switching gears

    • Hi, Ray! I’ll tell Laura hello for you. And keep your fingers crossed that we eventually find a project together.

  1. Please tell Laura I said hello! It was so nice meeting her at CCIRA in February! What a wonderful person!

    Off to bundle up so I can shovel snow off the back deck and front porch. I’m guessing I won’t get it all done in one session! At least the sun is shining. I’ll just need to watch out for falling icicles!

    Happy Saturday!

    • Good morning, dear Su. I’ll tell Laura hello for you too. She has so many fans and friends across the country and elsewhere. She brought me to the school where she taught many years ago and that was quite a treat also. Don’t throw your back out doing all that shoveling!

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