Tell me the truth, do I need a life?

Hi everyone,

Yesterday morning Sandy and I sat by a living room window to read the paper and have our coffee. Just beyond the glass, on a patio chair cushion, a small creature was at rest in the weak sunlight. I kept looking at it, trying to decide if it was a spider or a large fly. To see a fly remain in one spot so long is uncommon. I wondered if I might be watching a fly in the process of dying. Not that it mattered much but I was curious enough to invest twenty minutes of observation.

I happened to mention it to my M.O.W., who immediately got up, opened the door, said “fly,” and smacked at it with a napkin. I watched the insect zip away safely, leaving behind a tiny dark spot on the cushion. My curiosity ended just short of going out to investigate the gift. For one thing, it was on the chair she sits in, next to mine.

11 comments on “Tell me the truth, do I need a life?

  1. I meant to be charming and funny about the fly, and look where that got me!!!

    She Flicked

    She flicked the fly,
    and off it flew.
    I didn’t ask why
    because I knew

    Her hatred was
    so deep and wide
    of things that buzz.
    And oft they died

    At her fell flick.
    A wrist of death.
    It’s oh, so quick–
    and no more breath.

    But aren’t we just
    such buzzers, too,
    to gods we trust?
    who right on cue

    Send buzzards to
    dispatch us all.
    One flick, or two,
    and down we fall.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen

    • Under pressure,
      need to run
      some errands for
      my honeybun

      Who by the way
      is first to flick
      a fly that lands
      and flick it quick.

      No hesitation,
      no remorse,
      she knows a fly’s
      to hate of course

      Buzzards? They
      will have to wait.
      Last I knew
      she’d made no date.

      (c) David L. Harrison

  2. I find it fun
    that you take the time
    to peer at life,
    then make a rhyme.

    I’m with Sandy
    all the way
    When flies comes near
    they have to pay!

    Perhaps that stain
    just marks its spot
    to come relax
    when it gets hot.

    • Ha ha! Thank you, dear Susan! You make a good point. Perhaps I shall mention that spot to Sandy after all.

      • Look around your office and observe the many awards and trophies you’ve collected, smile, and know you’re just fine the way you are. In other words, to answer your question. You’re one of a kind. Don’t change a thing.

  3. David: Hahaha! So Sandy gets to deal with this “gift” … and you reap the comic award. From one who has 45yrs of marriage behind her, I can say without hesitation that it was ever thus…. and good luck to both of you!

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