Tired of sharing

Hi everyone,

I think I’m a tolerant man but the toads this year are testing me. Night before last I heard a toad singing somewhere on the patio but couldn’t find it. Yesterday I was in the pool and checked the drain trap to see if it needed emptied. When I lifted the lid, there was my little culprit, clinging to the rim of the strainer.

I lifted him out and set him on the edge of the deck. He looked at me for a few minutes and then made his getaway around a flower pot and off toward the yard. Something tells me he’ll be back.

5 comments on “Tired of sharing

  1. You patience is running mighty thin,
    I can tell your nerves are spent!
    Perhaps you’d like those little toads more,
    If they started paying rent!

    • Su, my friend, you’ve got that right.
      From secret pulpits out of sight
      Their singing keeps me up all night.
      I’m suffering from toady blight!

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