Let the poems pour

Hi everyone,

So far this month’s word challenge, RAIN, has inspired a good range of very readable poems by Susan Bickel, Jeanne Poland, Linda Boyden, Mary Nida Smith, Bryn Strudwick, Cory Corrado, Jane Yolen, Susan Hutchens, Jesse Anna Bornemann, and Cheryl Harness. Am I missing anyone? When you post your poems under the box for Adult W.O.M. Poems, I can find them easily when I go searching for the month’s poets. When you post them under comments on a day when you’re ready, I’m likely to miss them when I’m summing up. It’s always your call as to when and where you place them, of course. I’m happy either way.

You have five days remaining in which to create rain-based poems to share with the rest of us. So far this month our number of participants is down a bit so spread the word to all laggards, sluggards, dawdlers, loafers, idlers, slouchers, indolents, and faineants with good intentions to hie themselves to their nearest pen and cozy up to their muses. One new poem each day would be lovely and two would be even grander.

Oh, the picture? That’s my friend Cory Corrado. We met in 2011 at my Highlights poetry workshop. She’s one of my favorite people and that’s one of my favorite pictures. My muse went crazy with all that wonderful material to ponder!


6 comments on “Let the poems pour

  1. Good morning David! I have several rain poems from this month as it was very wet-inspiring. I will try to post those today sometime. Just back from travels and off to work at the nature center…

  2. SWING takes me back to another time . . .
    Before THE BARN-time when David first met
    An Energizing (group of) Eight― Susan and Joy, Heidi and Jeanne
    Becca and Ken, Carol-Ann and Swing-loving-me.

    To HOMEsdale we came because SOMEBODY OUGHT TO WRITE A POEM
    And to hear SWING tell it
    To David’s challenge we rose―
    More than MANY a-poem we wrote!

    Thank you, David, for the memories of that special time and for all the poems that have sprung to life since then.

    • I have loved all the minutes, Cory, then and now. What a special time it was. Thank you for putting our memories into such poetic form. With my love to everyone in The Energizing Eight!

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