Winged beggar

Hi everyone,

Two evenings ago Sandy and I were sitting lake side for a sundowner when we had an unexpected visitor.

The yellowjacket must have been a wine connoisseur because it went right to work investigating my chardonnay. Eventually it gave up and left. I didn’t mind the visit and I didn’t mind a single yellowjacket. If I start seeing more, though, I’ll go in search of their tunnel. Last time I stepped too close to a hidden nest I got nailed three or four times before I could move away.


12 comments on “Winged beggar

  1. Poor little yellowjacket climbing on a glass
    wishing for a sip, but he never did ask.
    Flies away empty but that’s alright
    Drinking and flying is a dangerous plight!

      • Perhaps you could drop a bit on the table for your next flying guest. Just be sure to check I.D.!

    • Too complicated. I’d have to start stocking wasp-grade wine. Then there’s the problem of not knowing personal tastes. Red? White? Maybe I’ll offer some of Cory’s milk and hope for the best.

  2. I’ve heard of the benefits of bathing in milk, David.
    But wine???
    Is your yellow-jacket trying to tell us something?
    The secret to longevity, perhaps.

    • Hmm, hadn’t thought of that, Cory. Isn’t there a drink called a stinger? I would think that might be more to a yellowjacket’s liking

  3. I stepped into a nest of them last summer and got over 50 bites. Never had a sting hurt so much and the pain lasted for weeks. I was sitting at my computer with ice between my legs because they flew up my shorts, too.

    • Oh my god, Kathy! I can’t imagine how much you were hurting. It’s a wonder you survived it! Thank goodness you did!!

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