Where red poppies grow

Hi everyone,

I’m supposed to be goo foffing, and in the afternoons I am, but from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. I’m right here plugging away and loving it. Bill Anderson, you’re right. Fun surprises happen to writers. I had one yesterday.

Andrea Montecinos, an elementary school librarian in Georgetown, Texas, wrote to say that Now You See Them Now You Don’t: Poems About Creatures That Hide has been chosen as a nominee for the Georgetown Red Poppy Book Award.

Andrea goes on to say, “The elementary librarians in Georgetown have started a children’s book award that recognizes excellence in children’s literature – the Red Poppy Book Award. This is our first award list, and we are very excited about the first year of reading, promoting, and choosing a winner. We will be announcing the winner of the award in April 2018. We spent a great deal of time going through many, many books, and we felt that your book definitely deserves to be honored by being a candidate for the first ever Red Poppy Book Award. On October 21st we will be hosting our inaugural Red Poppy Book Award Kick-Off Event. We are inviting students, teachers, parents, and community members to the Georgetown Public Library to hear the names of the nominees as well as celebrate them through crafts, activities, and book giveaways.”

I’m very flattered to have a book included on the inaugural list of nominations. My thanks to Andrea and the team of librarians who are working hard to create excitement about books for the children in Georgetown, a city of 63,000 near Austin. Check out their Red Poppy Festival. It’s quite an affair! https://poppy.georgetown.org


And what time is it, boys and girls?

Hi everyone,

Today begins an official period of some pretty serious goo foffing. (For the uninitiated, that’s how you spell it around here.) The turtles started begging last week. I have no idea who snitched but at Goose Lake there are few secrets.
We had a talk and I believe they understood. I’m going to keep an eye on them though.

I will remain in touch but it’s possible I won’t entertain a meritorious thought over the course of the coming days. You, on the other hand, may be miming applause for the break in the routine, and I don’t hold that against you. You are at all times thoughtful, sweet, responsive, and supportive. What an opportunity for you to turn to other pursuits for a while and take for granted that I’m around sand, books, and refreshments, though not necessarily in that order.

P.S. The turtles took it rather too quietly. I have an uneasy feeling . . .