Paying it forward

Hi everyone,

I’ve been fighting back trouble for a week. It started when I pulled some bags of mulch from the trunk and leaned down at an awkward angle for the last one. Dumb stunt. Anyway, sitting at my desk chair has been bothersome so I’ve been sitting on a bar stool in the pool room and sometimes standing while I work.

I’m taking three meds and the back is less painful than it was so yesterday I took a manuscript outside and sat at there for a while. When I looked up through the trees, I discovered a couple of clouds taking a quick kiss. I don’t think they knew they were being watched.Sandy came home not long after that. I kissed her for no particular reason.

23 comments on “Paying it forward

  1. Clouds Kissing

    Sometimes clouds kiss,
    rain commences.
    Sometimes sun
    shines through.

    Sometimes gray skies
    pull them part.
    Sometimes I think
    of you.

    Nothing unnatural
    about your death,
    nothing natural
    as well.

    But each time a cloud
    kisses another,
    I hear that long ago

    ©2017 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. Oh no! I think you need a corgi puppy to make you feel better! It always works for me. And, I’m wondering if those clouds were just trying to give some inspiration to your trees? (Are those the two trees that have been reaching for each other for so long?) Take care!

    • Couldn’t bend down to pick up corgi poop at the moment, dear. To get the morning paper I’ve been using grill tongs to extend my reach. Those are indeed the same trees. Maybe they were tree spirits I was watching!

  3. Maybe a nice soak in the pool would help? I sure know how troublesome back pain can be. Hoping that you feel better quickly!

    • It does seem to help. We got in once this week. It has been rather rainy but I’m hoping for a break in the clouds — kissing or not — long enough to take a warm dip.

    • Thank you, my friend. It has been years since this last happened to me and I hope it’s years before another bout of it.

  4. If you’ve been following me at all, you know that I’ve been trying to clear up a not-so-little issue of identity theft by practically living at the Social Security office for hours on end. One morning while waiting online outside the building waiting for the office to open, I observed a cockroach also hoping to get inside. This is the result:

    “Charge!” yells the cockroach,
    as it tries to scale the wall.
    Slip. Slide. Down it falls.

    I mean, one has to do something to entertain one’s self while waiting online.

    • Ha! I agree, my friend. Idle time so often produces trifles of imagination that may lead to a story or at least a few minutes of entertainment.

  5. Love your cloudy view. It inspired a quick ditty (which I did not intend to end on a gray note!) Hope your back heals soon.

    Clouds dance,
    clouds romance.
    They kiss, feel gay
    til clouds turn gray.

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